No one from IT support will ever tell you that updating your computer isn’t a pain in the neck. It usually requires you to open up space on your hard drive, meaning you have to delete music and video files that you may not have been ready to part ways with.


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The new operating system often times does not recognize all of the programs from the previous one, causing you to have to spend more time updating more stuff, and in some cases having to buy new programs. Plus the whole process takes forever, forcing you to set aside a day just to take care of something that seems as though it’s entirely inconsequential.


You’re not wrong. Updates are pests, but so is brushing your teeth and washing the dishes. But you still gotta do it. And it’s way more important than you think. This is why.



Your computer is your temple. Similarly to your own body, there is a constant influx of predators and viruses, etc. trying to infiltrate and contaminate your stuff. A dated operating system is like you with no exercise and a crumby diet. Sooner or later, your neglect catches up with you. Here’s the thing. The changes in new updates often times reveal the vulnerabilities of the previous one, making you even more vulnerable than you were before. Albeit this may seem like a scheme to force you into an unnecessary update. In reality, you’re only hurting yourself with this mentality.


As incentive, consider this. If you use the Internet for any kind of work, whether it’s for publishing, design, etc., beware that programs such as WordPress and other content management platforms are prime real estate for malicious users. The only way to fend them off is by making the proper updates as soon as they’re available.


Compatibility and Functionality

Technology is like a living thing. It is never static, tasking you with the responsibility to keep up with it. As frustrating as it may be when your computer no longer recognizes the kind of Microsoft Office you’ve been using, what that really means is that you have to update it or you’ll be left behind. We are in the age of information and you can either participate or take a back seat. It is tedious. That is a given. But it is also necessary and will benefit you in the long run.


And in any case, once it’s done, everything will operate faster and smoother. More than anything, it is a matter of perspective. An update is really a good thing. Sometimes we have to lose a few hours of our day to enjoy the better parts of life.


So enough pressing that “Remind Me Later” button. You’re doing yourself a greater disservice than you realize. In addition to you making your computer slower, less compatible and more vulnerable, you’re also making it harder for your IT support in NYC to trace whatever problems you will undoubtedly encounter. E-Valve Tech is here to help make your life easier. We are one of the best IT consulting firms in NYC and employ only the very best technicians in the city. So help us help you by keeping your computer up to date. If you are experiencing any problems at all, you can contact us anytime and we’ll be delighted to help.

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