With the arrival of a new year comes resolutions for your business and one of them should be to make your IT system more secure and reliable than ever. If you have not started on figuring out what to do, here is a simple to-do list to remind you on the essential issues to fix.

Move to the cloud

For most companies, it is prudent to move all or some of your servers and applications to the cloud. However, this is not something you can do overnight. It requires a lot of planning and a systematic implementation.

You can start by moving a few servers and observe how that works for you then consider moving the rest of them and some applications like email that are easy to move. You should talk to experts about moving your business to the cloud and they can offer you more advice on how to initiate the migration.


Everybody in the world who uses computers or conducts any form of business from individuals to large international corporations is a target for the hackers and scam artists. The companies that gave you your software and applications together with your IT department offer you your front line security. However, no level of security is foolproof; you need to add another layer of security locally.

Other than the expected anti-viruses and anti-spam, you need extra security for your network and servers. The best way to do this is to encrypt your files. Encrypt the data on all your devices, be it desktop, tablets, mobile phones, or laptops. Make it so that even in the occasion that a data thief manages to infiltrate your system, he will have a very hard time reading the data.

Back up your data

Well, the only thing worse than a data breach is losing data without any hope of recovery. Natural or man-made disasters happen and when they do, there is usually loss of data and or equipment. If something happens and you lose your data, you will need something to fall back to. If you do not have a backup of your data, your company will take a very hard hit. So make plans to back up all your files.

Upgrade your phone system

If you company is still using old-school phone systems or even worse a PBX, you will want to consider upgrading to VoIP solutions. This will offer you more features, better security and higher efficiency to boost your business.

Archive your email

Emails contain communication information that may one day be needed to settle a case. If you delete your emails and you get entangled in a case that may require you to produce evidence of past communication, you may be stranded legally. It is always good to be prepared.

Migrate from Windows Server 2003

Microsoft has announced that it will cease support of Windows Server 2003 as of July 14, 2015. You do not want to be using a server program that will be outdated. If this time comes and your company still heavily relies on it, you might lose your data and this will affect your operations.

Published on 15th March 2015 by admin.

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