Is there something fishy happening with your computer? Feeling a bit distressed but can’t work up the courage to reach out to IT consultants? NYC is a big place, and frankly, you have no reason to feel embarrassed. The key is finding a specialist with the right combination of expertise and patience to explain exactly what the problem is and walk you through fixing it in the easiest way possible. Whatever the issue, we’re confident your tech savviness is of higher level than any of the people who made the calls listed below.

Guy whose son works for Microsoft: This gentleman was at the start of his first day on the job as a tech support consultant. He addressed the customer with respect, asking what the problem was, and was immediately confronted with aggression. Yelling, insulting, and accusing the specialist of being incompetent. No one wants to hear this from anyone, but he recognized that it was important to figure out the nature of the problem. Once the air cleared, the customer explained how he has been unable to sign into his email account.

Upon pulling up his information, the specialist found that it was because he had entered an incorrect password one too many times, activating security measures. But the  customer was convinced it was due to shoddy tech work, which inspired him to threaten to send his son, who apparently worked for Microsoft, over to show them how to do their jobs right. The specialist fixed the password issue easily and the phone conversation ended.

Some months later, he received another call from the same customer, saying he is having problems because he only has Apple products that are not compatible with the program he was using. The temptation to cite the son who works for Microsoft was strong, but the specialist maintained his professionalism and refrained.

The Coffee Holder: One customer called in to complain about how poorly the coffee cup holder on his computer was at supporting to weight of the cup. He said it broke almost immediately and that the hole was too small for nearly every sized cup. He said once it broke, he spilled coffee all over his computer, all due to the poor design. In case you’re wondering, the answer is no, there is no such computer with a coffee cup holder. There are, however, many computers with CD holders. And they look vaguely like a coffee holder. A word of advice. Don’t put your coffee that close to your computer. Ever. It’s a recipe for disaster, and there is no design that would encourage you to do so.

As you can clearly see, your tech problems aren’t so shameful. And in any case, E-Valve Technologies is more than happy to help, no matter the nature of your problem. We’ve heard it all and we don’t mind, because we take pleasure in helping make our customers’ lives better. And we know we can because we have the best IT consultants NYC can offer. To contact us, give us a call at 646-564-3636.

Published on 24th March 2016 by admin.

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